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10/04/2018 at 7.30am for 8.00am to 9.15am




Pension Scheme Representatives: Free of Charge
Members: Free of Charge

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JP Morgan



Many of the developed world’s maturing defined benefit pension plans find themselves in a negative cash flow position; they are paying out more in benefits than they are receiving in contributions. The need to service cash outflow is an additional burden for underfunded plans in a moderate growth, low return world in which rates grind slowly higher. Especially for closed or frozen plans, attempting to reach funding targets while in a negative cash flow position can feel like trying to fill a leaking bucket. What’s more, analysis based on our 2018 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions suggests that rising rates are unlikely to save the day.

In this presentation Sorca Kelly Scholte will discuss how a Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI) approach to investing can help pension schemes meet their cash flow needs and funding challenge.






This seminar was allocated 1 CPD hour by the IAPF for on-going trustee training requirements. We have confirmation of 1 CPD hour from the LIA and the IOB under category 2. Pensions, Pension Trustee Practitioners (PTP) hours and category 3. Savings and Investments (LIA Ref: LIA02109_2018) & (IOB Ref: TBC). We will also apply for 1 CPD hour from the IIPM.


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Pension Fund Representatives (Non-Practitioner) : Free of Charge

IAPF Member: Free of Charge

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