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Scheme Information


1. The overall contribution rate of the scheme is at least 10% of annual salary of which the employer contribution is at least 6%

2. Risk costs are in addition to the above minimum contribution rate

3. For matching, age or service related contributions, the overall average contribution level across all members must equate to at least 10% of salary of which the employer contributes at least 6%


Confirm that we comply with the Disclosure regulations and would be willing to supply one or more of the following subject to a random audit:

- Annual Benefit Statement
- Statement of Reasonable Projections
- New Member Communications
- Investment Option explanations
- Example of ongoing member communication


Confirm that we have good governance procedures in place and would be willing to supply one or more of the following subject to a random audit:

- Sample Trustee Board Agenda
- Evidence the Statement of Investment Policy Principles (SIPP), where applicable, has been reviewed periodically
- Confirmation that the scheme adheres to the IAPF Investment Guidelines
- Information about the annual scheme review


I/We declare that the information supplied is correct and that the scheme is compliant with all applicable legislation

Scheme Member Booklet

Finally we require that you email a copy of the scheme member booklet to pqs@iapf.ie or alternatively post a copy to PQS Application, IAPF, Suite 2, Slane House, 25 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.

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