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What is Driving Credit Markets?
We discuss the latest macro developments moving credit markets and assess investment opportunities (and headwinds) for this large, complex asset class.
Policy and macroeconomics are not really connected anymore
Investors are watching the interplay of policy and macroeconomic themes as they look to the end of 2021 and beyond. PineBridge Chief Economist Markus Schomer discusses the key factors driving markets as we begin to envision a post-pandemic world in this Midyear Outlook.
Emerging Markets Debt: Macro and Markets with Markus Schomer and Jonathan Davis
Markus Schomer, chief economist and Jonathan Davis, Client Portfolio Manager at PineBridge Investments discuss their expectations for emerging and developed markets debt in the light of the corona virus crisis, and the impact of the monetary and fiscal policy stimulus on the markets.
Asia Megatrends
Siddhartha Singh, Investment Director and Managing Director of Asia Equities, discusses megatrends in Asia, including automation, outsourcing, and urbanization – and how they’re driving prospects for the region's equities.
What’s ahead for Asian fixed income markets amid China-led growth and steady credit fundamentals?
What’s ahead for Asian fixed income markets amid China-led growth and steady credit fundamentals? PineBridge Chief Economist Markus Schomer and Co-head of Emerging Markets Fixed Income Arthur Lau discuss how these dynamics could influence the bond markets, in particular.
IAPF Investment Committee Podcast Series | 2020 in Review
The IAPF Investment Committee has published its first in-house podcast. Chairperson Liam Stack discusses the main pension issues of 2020 with Investment Committee member Patrick O’Connor.
ESG Outlook: Past, Present, and Future
John Bates, head of emerging markets credit research and co-chair of the ESG Investment Committee at PineBridge, discusses the historical context of ESG adoption and shares his outlook on the evolution of ESG considerations in 2021.
2021 Macro and Market Outlook
Markus Schomer, PineBridge’s Chief Economist, and John Yovanovic, Head of High Yield Portfolio Management, talk about their expectations for the markets in the light of the US election outcome , what they expect the Fed might do - and how it is likely to impact the bond market in particular.
Economic Outlook: US Elections and the Markets
In our first podcast Markus Schomer, Chief Economist at PineBridge Investments, explores the US elections in the context of PineBridge’s macro framework, including potential policy change that may result and highlights economic indicators investors may wish to focus on.
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