Trustee Training

Trustees  have a duty to ensure that they are properly informed, particularly on legal  issues and policy developments that may affect how they carry out their  responsibilities.

It is now a  legislative requirement that pensions scheme trustees are formally trained  (within six months of appointment for new trustees; within two years for  existing trustees and the training must be repeated every 2 years.).

The Irish  Association of Pension Funds provides Pensions Board approved Trustee Training  to all Pensions Scheme Trustees and Pension Professionals. These Trustee  Training courses are designed for new Trustees but are also suitable for  existing Trustees.

The IAPF offers the following Training:

  • Defined  Benefit & Defined  Contribution  Essential Course
  • Defined  Benefit & defined Contribution Refresher Course
  • Investment Essential Course

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Benefits of Trustee Training: 

  • Choice of Full or Half day courses
  • Pension Authorityapproved and certified
  • Completion of course enables Trustee to meet their legal requirements
  • Face to face interaction with trainers
  • Scheme specific courses/ in house training on request
  • Independently run
  • CPD Approved

Delegate Feedback

  • “Good overview, - learnt a lot of new information regarding latest regulation etc”
  • “Very interactive and worked well”
  • “My main aim was to get clarity on trustee legal duties - this was met”
  • “A very well run and informative course. Very well suited for all trustees - new and established”
  • “Learned quite a lot of material that I hadn’t any prior knowledge of”
  • “Very informative. Good practical advice. Good pace - good hand-outs!”

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