Trustee Services

IAPF is committed to supporting our member trustees in their challenging role. In this section you will find our Trustee Training, Trustee Network and Trustee Resource sections.

What are your responsibilities as a Trustee?

As a trustee of a company pension scheme, you hold assets in the trust for the beneficiaries of a company pension scheme and as such have duties and responsibilities under trust law, under other relevant legislation and under the Pensions Act, 1990 to run the scheme properly to ensure that member’s benefits are secure.

Please see link to the Pensions Authority website for a full guide on Trusteeship of a Pension Scheme

What do the IAPF offer you as a Trustee?

Included in your membership subscription, the IAPF guides, educates and supports Trustees of Occupational Pension Schemes through access to conferences, seminars, training, guides, surveys and research designed to help Trustees.

What resources do we provide for you?

The IAPF is the leading independent industry body which provides guidance to Trustees through: Trustee Training, Trustee Network, PQS award, Quarterly Magazine and research data 

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